Join the revolution

SHIFT is a grassroots idea with the aim of motivating individuals to make the shift from cars to bicycles as a regular mode of transport, be it a commute to work, the school run, a trip to the shops, or cycling for leisure.

Businesses are encouraged to sign up to the SHIFT scheme, and pledge to make a small donation for every kilometre cycled by your employees to a charity of your choice. Working collectively over the course of a year a workforce can achieve a notable donation to the charity.

The combination of a collective effort and subsequent contribution to charity can be the motivating factor for individuals to take more trips by bicycle, reducing car use.

To date SHIFT has raised over £9,200 for cycling advocacy and environmental charites such as Sustrans, Cycling UK, Worcester Environmental Group and Bike Worcester.

Continue the journey below to read more about how to SHIFT, and the benefits to individuals, employers, and society as a whole.