Join the revolution

The companies listed below have made the SHIFT:


So far in 2018 Aquabio have cycled a total of 31,509 km.




In 2017 Aquabio employees cycled a total of 40,382 km.


With a pledge of 2.5p/km, Aquabio donated £1,009.55 to Sustrans

So far in 2018 Herlig Marles have cycled a total of 187 km.



In 2017 Herlig Marles Architects cycled a total of 317 km.


With a pledge of 10p/km, Herlig Marles donated £31.70 to Sustrans

last updated 31st October 2018


If you are thinking of making the SHIFT and would like to see your name added to this list, or need any assistance, please contact us by email on


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